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Heightening Montréal’s visibility abroad

In a context of ever-growing competitiveness among the world's great urban centres, Montréal’s image abroad is especially important. In 2017, Montréal will again be celebrating some important events with the world: the 375th anniversary of the founding of Montréal, the 150th anniversary of Confederation, and the 50th anniversary of Man and His World.


To boost its image, particularly in the run-up to 2017, Montréal must clearly be able to count on top-quality tourist attractions and facilities, including major sports events, but also on its “front-line” ambassadors: city companies that operate internationally, and major networks of partners well established in many different countries that can help the city better advertise itself abroad.




  • Make the city more competitive as a business and tourist destination
  • Constantly improve tourist attractions and facilities
  • Attract major sports and cultural events
  • Maximize the contribution of partners with operations abroad, as a way of integrating Montréal into international strategic networks
  • Promote the city’s export companies
  • Support Montréal’s institutions of higher learning and research in their efforts to gain international stature



Prepare Montréal to celebrate 2017

  • Complete Horizon 2017, the development plan for Jean Drapeau Park


Promote the tourist experience throughout the island               

  • Market Montréal’s various tourist destinations
  • Renew tourist signage
  • Simplify access to tourist sites
  • Publicize public art and heritage features


Propose strategic positioning for hosting and holding international-calibre sports events in Montréal


Launch a properly positioned, attractive business portal


Participate in missions, events and fairs, and host foreign delegations

  • Ensure Montréal’s presence abroad via certain clusters (Bourget, Farnborough, BIO, etc.) and the Montréal consortium (MIPIM)
  • Promote Montréal more as a university city and city of knowledge


Make use of Montreal’s ambassadors and partners to promote the city and strengthen its presence in strategic networks


Assist in completing the Port of Montréal passenger-terminal project



  • Number of tourists, overnight stays, and tourist dollars spent
  • Number of sports events and related economic benefits
  • Number of cruise companies
  • Number of conventions